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Free Range Eggs

Happy Hooves Organic Farm

1 Dozen Free Range Chicken Eggs | 1 carton = $6.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 Dozen Free Range Duck Eggs | 1 carton = $6.00 + $0.00 Assembly

Our flock of egg laying ducks and chickens are free range. In the winter the henhouse door is opened at dawn and closed at dark, (we get lots of snow and cold wind here and even that doesn't keep them inside except on the very worst weather days) but the doors stay open and hens stay out all summer, with chickens often coming in to lay their eggs inside and ducks not being quite so cooperative that way so every day is a duck egg hunt. Duck eggs are denser and creamier and stay fresh longer than chicken eggs. They have yolks that are larger compared to the whites, and have superior nutrition, but the flavor is just like chicken eggs otherwise.Ducks are aggressive foragers of plants and this accounts for at least some of those benefits. Duck eggs are much preferred for baking by people who bake these days. In addition to the certified organic No-soy, No-Corn, No-Wheat, non-GMO feed we provide, they eat bugs, worms, leaves, grass and anything else they can find as they forage. The result is eggs that are delicious and nutritious. Many people that can not tolerate chicken eggs, can indeed eat duck eggs with no problem. When you cook and eat these eggs, you'll know they didn't come from any grocery store. By the way, the picture of the white eggs are the Duck Eggs. Chicken Eggs are brown..

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