No Soy, No Wheat, No Corn Organic Feed. No GMO's. No Feedlots, No Confinement.
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DEPOSIT for pasture raised Duck

Happy Hooves Organic Farm

1 Deposit for whole Duck | 1 deposit = $10.00 + $0.00 Assembly

I raise a few Pekin Ducks each year. They run around out on pasture and get plenty of space and sunshine. Whole meaty duck. Free ranged and fed organic feed with no soy, no corn and no wheat. Excellent for a special occasion roasted, grilled, smoked, so many special possibilities. At the remaining time this summer I have only a couple ducks left available and they will be very large at 6 to 10 lbs each. These very large ducks are $8/lb whole and are packaged ready for your freezer. You can pick them up fresh up to 5 days after slaughter, or frozen later. Next planned available dates for pick up are July 9th to 12th.

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