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Deposit for a quarter cow

Happy Hooves Organic Farm

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This is where you can pay a deposit to order a quarter cow, which actually is a "split half". This means you get half of the front quarter and half of the hind quarter. This will mean you get a bit of everything that the cow will yield in cuts. Since the butcher makes two identical piles of meat from each quarter, you can not specify the cuts like you can with a half cow purchase because your preferences and the preferences of the other person taking the other "pile" must be the same. The butcher can not make make your steaks 2 inches thick and the other one's 1 inch thick for instance. If you find a partner for the other half that wants theirs cut exactly the same as you do, then you can specify the cutting. Otherwise you get a full selection of steaks, roasts, ground and whatever else is there, like short ribs, stew meat, liver, bones and suet. You will pick this up at the butcher shop in Ontario, NY when it is ready after paying the balance due, which is based on the hanging weight. Final cost will be $5.85 per pound on that hanging weight, estimated to be 150 to 175 pounds but could be slightly more or less in weight, and then minus your deposit of course. All the usual butcher costs are included (paid for by me). You must pick it up within a week after being called and informed that it is ready or it will have to be moved into rented freezer space at an additional charge for storage and retrieval, but you will know well ahead when approximately it will be ready.Deposits are non-refundable.

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