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Each year we raise a small flock of turkeys. We only raise the bronze turkeys for quite a few years now. In the beginning we had both bronze and white turkeys and quickly realized that there was a lot of difference in their temperament and in the meat flavor. We no longer raise them to be sold fresh for Thanksgiving, a change that began in 2020. Now we finish them earlier and if you want a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas you would have to freeze it and take it back out for your holiday. We start turkey processing in September (smaller turkeys) and finish in mid-October ( largest ones ). When you reserve one I need to know what size you would like. I can't guarantee it will be exactly right in size, but it will be close. The size you want will determine the approximate time it is ready also. Turkeys also consume certified organic feed containing only triticale, barley, oats, flax, sunflower, alfalfa, field peas and their minerals in addition to all the stuff the pasture yeilds.  

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