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RESERVATIONS and DEPOSITS for future meat purchase

Ready to stock up? Considering filling your freezer with some chickens, pork and beef ? Good idea! You can also reserve turkeys and ducks here! This section is only for the purpose of paying a deposit to reserve your meat. See other categories by type of meat to purchase immediately what is in stock.

Ground Beef Bundle

PRE-order for a share of a cow that will supply ground beef for your freezer. You will be buying a share, the cow has...

DEPOSIT for pasture raised chickens

This is where you can reserve your chickens for the 2021 growing season. Chickens raised on pasture, free to roam a...

DEPOSIT for Free Range Turkey

Our turkeys are raised on pasture, free range within a generous sized area that protects them from predators with...

DEPOSIT for pasture raised Duck

I raise a few Pekin Ducks each year. They run around out on pasture and get plenty of space and sunshine. Whole meaty...

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