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Ground Beef & Other Cuts

Not a Steak, Not a Roast, but other cuts!

Ground Beef Bundle

We're doing it again! PRE-order for a share of a cow that will supply ground beef for your freezer. You will be...

Stew Meat (1-1/2" Cubes)

These are cubes of beef. Each package is about one pound. Order by the number of packages you would like.

Beef Short Ribs (bone in)

Packages can be between 1/2 to 1-1/2 pounds! Slow cook in BBQ sauce, or long slow cook in your home made tomato...

Meaty Soup Bones, Shank Steak (Osso Bucco)

Beef shank steaks are cross cuts are cut from the hindshank or foreshank perpendicular to the bone. They are about...

Beef Fat (Suet)

Great for making tallow, a nutrient rich fat that's good for high temperature cooking and deep frying or just...

Bare Bones for Broth Making

Bare bones are ideal for broth making, but you may have to compete with you dog for them. They provide great...

Rose Veal

Humanely raised Rose Veal is young beef, raised on milk, allowed to run out with the rest of the herd and not raised...

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